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Hermle C400 machining centre

The company Hermle provides excellent milling. We have the C400 machining centre, which exceeds our highest standards for various industries:

  • Machine building
  • Precision engineering, energy and medical technology
  • Tool and mould making
  • Aerospace, automotive and component suppliers

The potential applications are impressive:

Using 5 axes, components of up to 600kg can be processed at the same time. This also applies to difficult-to-machine materials. Using a shank cutter, ball-nose cutter or torus cutter, we can do everything in record time.

Here are some technical features of the machine itself:

  • The travel of the X, Y and Z axes is 850 mm, 700 mm and 500 mm, respectively.
  • Its speed is 15,000 to 18,000 rpm. Rapid linear motion takes place over all three axes, with a maximum of 35m per minute.
  • The linear acceleration over all three axes is 6m per square second. The Hermle C400 Machining

The Hermle C400 Machining Centre provides high accuracy:

We clearly exceed DIN / ISO 10791 in all respects due to high mechanical precision and not just electronic and subsequent compensation. However, the machine has very good energy efficiency both in terms of manufacturing and operation, which is achieved through low-energy component production such as mineral casting technology. The operating process has a low energy output due to using energy recovery methods. This is a Hermle technology standard that has been around for 20 years. Hermle practices practical environmental protection and is a pioneer of the BlueCompetence initiative. Hermle stands by its products like the C400 machining centre when it comes to excellent service.

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