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Optimal tools for innovative product ideas

When it comes to producing high-quality, high-volume products in a short timescale, machine tools bring great added-value. Whether for plastic injection mouldings, soft metal injection mouldings, pressing and punching of metal or plastic or even food moulds, using the right tool ensures that nothing will stand in the way of high sales. We also have cutting and slicing tools and conveyors as part of our set-up, meaning we can find the right solution for every challenge.

An excerpt from our product range

The marketable idea

The only limiting factor is getting the right marketable idea. When you give us a new product input, we will implement it every time. Our modern manufacturing processes and extensive experience mean we can find the right tool for every product. We deliver quickly and always strive to exceed agreed quality levels. We guarantee, therefore, that we'll play our part in a timely start to your production.

Our core business is producing equipment for the food industry. The laws and regulations that govern this industry far exceed all other areas. This means we can easily tackle wider industries outside of meat processing, vegetables and pasta. When it comes to general goods, parts, and other packaged goods, we're accustomed to the highest quality.

This makes it easy for you!

What would you like to manufacture? We simply need your idea in the form of a sketch, scan, plan or even a prototype. Then, we can quickly send you a realistic estimate for implementing your idea by email or other data medium. We work with highly qualified specialists, the latest production machines and the best materials and will, of course, handle your innovative idea with the utmost confidence. Our highly qualified development team will transform every product idea into a graphic 3D design. We adopt a thorough approach to communication, discussing all questions about the product to eliminate any ambiguities. At this point, we begin working on your project. You can trust in our experience as we're masters of our trade. In general, our great synergy means we can exceed our customers’ expectations.

Excellent service after purchase

We don’t abandon our customers after they have purchased a production tool. We take care of your tool in terms of maintenance, repairs or revisions and not just as part of the warranty agreement. We have a real interest in building long-term customer relationships and support our trading partners with any issues relating to their tools and industrial wear parts. Through our excellent customer service delivered by highly experienced employees, we can offer you the best reliability of supply for your production.

You can also discuss making adjustment to new production equipment and manufacturing processes with us. We always have keen eye on the latest developments and incorporate these into our work, where possible. This means we can make interesting suggestions to you, which you can use to improve your productivity and quality.