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MWA Maschinenbau's range of services

An overview of our services

We would like to introduce you to our extensive range of services. We can provide pipeline services or design and develop tools for primary shaping processes. These include foaming tools, injection moulding tools and tools for metal casting. We also specialise in conveyor and cutting technology and have great expertise in designing prototypes. Last but not least, we manufacture spare parts for racing, motorsports and classic cars according to your samples or diagrams.

Our services in detail

Our company’s range of services includes the following: We develop, design and manufacture machines, components and devices for various industries, as well as for areas like motor racing. We use CAD and CAM technologies to make milling and turning parts. We also use HSM Works and program with Cimatron. In addition, we design using the Finite Element Method (FEM) with 3D Solid Works. We use AGW Lünette with CNC machines. To produce milled parts we use machine tools with up to five axes that can be simultaneously controlled. This makes it easy to produce spare parts with complex shapes for motorsports or classic cars. To produce the high-quality surfaces that are needed in racing, for example, we have machine tools that can grind surfaces up to 1500 mm and we also use blasting techniques with glass beads or slag.

We can manufacture parts for you from many different materials and rely on our extensive stocks of metals and plastics. Furthermore, we can carry out high-quality repairs. Our services are particularly well-used for motorsport and racing as well as, for example, producing spare parts that are no longer available for classic cars. We weld using stainless steel, steel and aluminum, according to the material requirements for the process and use tungsten inert gas (TIG), metal active gas (MAG) or metal inert gas (MIG).